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Forest Bath salts


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Medicinal herbs used in our Forest Bath Salts were designed to help you to assist the relaxation and healing process. With a ready mix within your reach, you’ll be ready to pamper yourself whenever you need it.

Forest Bath Salts made from natural mineral rich Himalayan salts and a mix of medicinal herbs which help you relax sore muscles, calm and nurture your skin.

Himalayan Salts are rich in trace minerals, reduces muscle cramps, improves sleep.

Rosemary promotes circulation, it warms, rejuvenates and relaxes the body, harmonizes the nervous system. Take our Forest Bath Salts if your feet are chronically cold. Rosemary helps us relax when we’ve been working too hard for too long.

Sage is anti-inflammatory, it relieves cramping, regulates perspiration. A sage in your bath or foot soak neutralizes negative thoughts and emotions.

Lavender relaxes muscles and calms and soothes the nervous system. It is perfect for evening bath it’s also wonderful when used as foot bath.


Pink Himalayan salt, dried rosemary*, sage*, lavender*, essential oils of: Siberian fir needle, niaouli, and eucalyptus.

*Certified Organic


200 g

How to use

It’s also wonderful when used as foot bath for sore and tired feet. During flu season works great as an inhalation to open up blocked airways. Pour a handful of Forest Bath Salts in the provided pouch and either wrap around the bath spout or let it float in your bath. For stronger aroma use as a footh bath. If used as an inhalation omit the pouch and add to hot water.