Field Issue

Organic Shampoo - Outback


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Many home and personal care products are toxic to people and the environment. For centuries soaps made from fats have been used to clean just about everything. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the first synthetic detergents were made from crude oil and chemicals. Minimising their use reduces the chemical load on you and the environment, as many detergents are not readily biodegradable and pollute water cycles long after use.
A great alternative to the above mentioned detergents is soap made from vegetable oils. Unlike many soap substitutes on the market, FIELD-ISSUE liquid Castile soap products are made from certified organic edible oils instead of chemicals. The range of FIELD - ISSUE Organic Shampoo is therefore non allergenic, safe to use and 100% biodegradable. Our products can be used in rivers and streams and will have no negative impact on the environment.


FIELD - ISSUE body products are free from:

- Sodium laurel sulphate

- Petrochemicals

- Cocobetaine-

- Methylparaben

- Phosphates

- Palm oil

- Fillers

- Bleaches

- Optical brighteners

- Colours


Inspired by the beautiful and rugged Australian Outback, this fresh and earthy scent opens up with everything that this extreme and ancient land offers. This scent inspires a life lived from the land and the simplicity it evokes. 

Top: Smoked Kakadu plum - clean spearmint

Mid Notes: Lime zest - lavender - fresh cut bamboo grass

Base Notes: Cedar wood - nutmeg


Capacity: 237ml 8 fl.oz

Dimensions: 135mm h x 73mm w x 38mm d