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Coin Ring


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Australian Pennies were minted from 1911 - 1964. We have a number of different years and different sizes available in stock, so please leave a message with your order or contact us via the contact form to see if we have your year and size available. Note that we won't have all years between these dates as some years only 1200 (or thereabouts) were minted.

If you place an order without leaving a message we will send you a ring with a random date.

Here's a list of some of the natural health benefits of wearing Copper:
- proper growth of the body
- efficient utilisation of iron
- proper enzymatic reactions
- improves health of connective tissues, hair and eyes
- aids in preventing premature ageing
- increases energy production
- regulates heart rhythm
- balances thyroid glands
- reduces symptoms of arthritis
- quickens healing of wounds
- increases red blood cell formation
- reduces cholesterol

And these are only SOME of the natural health benefits of wearing Copper!