Addicted to Buttons



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Cute button Paperweight / Ornament - Solid Button Filled Resin

This unique piece is perfect for the discerning Button Addict.

Can be used as a decoration, paperweight, or ornament

Made entirely with buttons encased in resin.

Heavy enough to be used as a paperweight or to admire on the the shelf.

Measures approximately 6 x 6 x 5 cm

A button piece that will truly be treasured.

PLEASE NOTE - your ornament may be different to that shown - each piece is individually cast - it will be the colour depicted.

Birth Marks . . . All our resin work is done by hand - not machine. We cast by hand and we sand and polish by hand. During the casting process there is often some birthmarks that appear when we demould. These are not imperfections - they merely add to the character of the piece. An example of these could be small air bubbles or a bump on the surface where a button has tried to escape.