Why should I join Makersville?


Here's just a few reasons why we think you should join Makersville's community of sellers


You are in great company

We carefully curate the selection of products we present in our retail store & gallery and in our online shop and only stock quality handmade items made by Australian artists and makers


    24/7 sales

    Unlike markets where you need to be physically present, for the same cost or less you can display your items available for sale in our retail store and online shop all year round


    No need to lift a finger

    We’ll do all the sales and marketing work for you, which means you can spend your time doing more of what you love – creating!


    More money in your pocket

    No need to give away half your profits selling wholesale – after a small one-off enrolment fee to get you set up, all we charge is your weekly space rental plus a small commission on sales. This means you’ll start to earn great profits from your sales immediately! We also offer a consignment arrangement for artists and  makers who prefer this approach.


    Other great benefits

    • Global sales opportunities through our online store
    • Great publicity through our online and offline marketing campaigns
    • Increased exposure through the Montville Artisan Village campaign
    • Access to more potential customers through our newsletters and social media activity
    • Opportunity to gain even greater exposure through gallery exhibitions, meet the maker events and more


    Interested? Click the button below to find out more about how the Makersville concept works for sellers


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