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Our range of spaces - you choose the space you want

We have a variety of spaces to suit different types of handmade items. These include lovely deep shelving and glass cubes around the outer walls of the store, as well as tables, display islands, ladders and wall space for art. And if we don't have something quite right for you, we’ll work with you to come up with something perfect.​


Around the walls of the store we have shelving and cubes available for rental.

The shelving units are white 2-pak – lovely and shiny, perfect for showing off your handmade items, and have either glass or white shelves. All shelves are a generous 50cm deep.

The cubes are 40x40x40cm and can be open-faced or we can attach doors if you require additional security.

Each shelf has bright built-in lighting to really show off your products!



Also available for rental we have display islands in the centre of the shop, and nested tables that can be positioned in different locations.

Some of the nest tables are positioned below the front windows. The tops of these sit at the base of the windows and are perfect for those who would like their handmade items to be seen from inside and outside the store.


For handmade items that don't sit so well on shelves we have ladders and other hanging options that can be positioned in various locations around the store to suit your needs, including outside under our bullnose verandah.

For large items such as artworks we have a number of wall spaces available. For these we offer a consignment arrangement rather than space rental. Please contact us if you'd like more information regarding working with us on a consignment basis.


Space Rental Options


We have thought very carefully about our pricing, to ensure that it is fair for all makers, regardless of whether they make small pieces such as jewellery or larger items.


Our pricing varies depending on type of space, location, and also vertical position. Shelf and cube spaces at eye height are priced at a slight premium over those positioned higher or lower. Display islands afford some of the best visibility in the store, so these too are priced at the higher end. For those wanting to test the waters and perhaps keep costs to a minimum initially, our lower spaces may be perfect for your needs. When you’ve had time to see how well your handmade items sell, you can always upgrade to a more prominent position.


We also offer discounts for multiple spaces or longer rental terms. For example you will receive a discount if you rent a full 110cm shelf for homewares or two cubes for your jewellery. If you rent an upper shelf and would also like a lower shelf in a different location, we will discount this too.


As there are so many options we haven’t listed them all here, but we hope the following gives you a good guide. If you would like to discuss pricing, please do get in touch by completing our application form.


  • ​Jewellery spaces are either 40 or 50cm deep, depending on whether you prefer a cube or a shelf, 40cm high and 40-55cm wide. Shelf spaces can be combined into 110cm-wide spaces. Our jewellery spaces are also suitable for displaying smaller fashion accessories.
  • Shelf spaces for larger items such as homewares are 50cm deep, 55cm wide and 40cm high. These spaces can also be combined and rented as full-width shelves – 110cm wide.
  • We also have display islands, table tops, window positions and ladders available. These are great for taller or hanging items that are not as well suited to shelf display or for those who want a more prominent position. These vary in size, with the display islands and window positions generally larger than shelf spaces. Small table tops are 35cm wide x 45cm deep, ranging up to large table tops at 50cm wide x 45cm deep.
  • Note that in addition to the weekly rental fees for space rental, we also retain a small commission on sales – this covers those unavoidable costs such as bank and transaction fees and also ensures our team are incentivised to sell your handmade items.


A few other things to mention: 


  • When you rent space in our Montville store you can also list your items in our online store free of charge (although the small sales commission still applies).
  • There is a small one-off registration fee when you first join us – this enables us to set you up in our systems, create your online space, and get you up and running. There are no annual fees, and if you leave us (though we hope you don’t …) and return later, we won’t charge you this fee again.
  • Upon joining us, your initial rental period will be for 3 months. After this period is up you can sign up for another fixed term, continue on a month to month basis, or transition over to a consignment arrangement. Remember, we offer discounts for longer term rentals, so we would recommend signing up for another fixed term.
  • Our rentals are invoiced monthly, so we will calculate your monthly rental fees based on the weekly rate, and charge you the same amount each month. From month 2 on, your rental charge can be deducted from your previous month’s sales, and your profits deposited into your nominated bank account if you'd prefer this approach.



We hope this gives you a feel for our spaces available.  If you’re interested in renting a space, please fill in an application form and we’ll get back to you.



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Alternately if you’d prefer to sign up in person, or would like more information please do get in touch



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