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Interested in joining the Makersville community?


If you’re an artist or creative making / designing your own products, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete the application form on the following page, and make sure you add in links to your social media/website so we can see what you do.  


A couple of things to note:


    • At Makersville we work on a consignment basis only. We apologise but this stage we’re not accepting applications from creatives wishing to sell their products on a wholesale basis. 
    • Please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us right away – there are a number of reasons why this could be the case.  Firstly, we might simply be really busy! More likely though, it’s because we do receive a lot of applications, and we like to take the time to consider each and every application very carefully. 
    • We are diligent in our curation and selection process, as we need to ensure we represent a broad range of artists, makers and categories at all times. While we’re always excited by the new and the different, at the same time we need to make sure that we retain a level of exclusivity across our makers, ensuring we don’t range products that are too similar (or the same!) in any given category. We also need to ensure that your collection meets our overall selection criteria, including market saturation, brand reputation, product price point, location exclusivity and general fit for our store.
    • If you are successful, we will contact you via email. We may invite you to join us right away, or we may pop you on our waiting list until a suitable space becomes available in your category.
    • We do thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us.  We are always overwhelmed by the response from makers interested in joining us, and we do our best to accommodate as many creatives in our retail space and gallery as we can. 

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