Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you with your application to join us:


Who can join the Makersville community?

Anyone is welcome to apply to join Makersville as long as the items they're selling are handmade in Australia by themselves. We don’t mind if you create for a living or just as a hobby, as long as it is your creation.


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I am not an Australian-based artist or maker, can I still join?

Makersville supports and promotes Australian-based artists and makers. If you live in Australia, and make your own items, we'd love to have you apply. 


My product is Australian designed, but not made in Australia, can I still join?

We are very particular about supporting Australian handmade products. Products made overseas, even when designed in Australia, are not generally eligible for ranging in Makersville.


Why haven't I had a response to my application?

We may not have all the information we need to process your application. Have you:

  • Applied to sell with us by filling in our online application form?
  • Sent images of your products either through the application form or in response to the email you will have received on application?
  • Waited at least 3 days since you sent us your product photography?
  • Ensured that your email spam and junk filters recognise makersville.com.au as a safe contact so you can receive our email response?

If you have done all of these, please get in touch so that we can check your application.


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If I fill in the application form to sell with Makersville, am I obligated to join?

Not at all. Completing the form gives us the opportunity to hear more about your business and gives you the appropriate information about working with us. But if you change your mind, that’s OK with us. You can always join us later.


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Do I have to pay an annual membership renewal fee or listing fees?

No. We have a one-off fee that you’ll pay when you first join us – this enables us to set you up in our systems, create your online space, and get you up and running. There are no annual fees and no listing fees for our online store. If you're renting a space all you’ll pay is your monthly rental fee and the small commission that we take whenever an item sells, and if you join us on a consignment basis, we'll just retain our standard commission on items we sell.


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Can you review my application without photographs of my products?

Unfortunately not. We need you to provide images of the products that you would like to sell in Makersville. This can be achieved either by pointing us to a website where your photographs can be found, eg. your own website or Etsy site, or photo sharing application such as Flickr. You can also attach photos to your application.


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Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?

We don’t need professional images as part of the application process, but please keep in mind that we will need good quality images if you want to have your items included in our online store. We will send you details of product information required for the online store once we’ve accepted your application. We can also provide some guidelines for product photography.

It is worth noting that good quality, well-lit photography has a strong bearing on sales, and we recommend that you do all you can to ensure your product is presented in its best possible light.


What if I have applied or been with you before?

If you are currently renting a space and you have new items, you can include them in your space and online at any time. There is no need to apply again.

If you have been with us in the past and want to join us again, we don’t need a new application – we’ll have all your details on file. Please just get in touch with us and we’ll get you up and running again.


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What are your application criteria?

We are selective about what we sell in our store as we want our customers to think of Makersville as a destination. The kinds of things we look for are:

  • Original, innovative Australian handmade items that are a little different from the norm - nothing is too unusual for us to consider including in our collection
  • Products must be handmade by yourself
  • New and emerging Australian artists & makers, established artists, and those looking to turn their hobby into a thriving business are all welcome to join our community
  • Artists and makers who get a kick out of seeing their handmade items cherished by their new owners
  • Last but not least, great photography and thoughtful presentation – remember, Makersville is a combined gallery and store, so good presentation is vital 

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Can I sell craft supplies or vintage items?

Makersville is all about showcasing and selling Australian handmade items. We don’t sell supplies or Vintage items.


Can I sell upcycled vintage goods through Makersville?

As long as you have altered the items in a substantial way, we will consider your application. We may come back to you with some questions to understand more about your creative process, and how much ‘handmade’ input you have made.


Do I have to be based in Australia to join Makersville?

We require an Australian link for our artists and makers. If you're physically located in Australia that's perfect. 


Can I sell items through your online shop that I ship directly to the customer?

Currently, we only sell items through our online shop that you have shipped or brought in to our retail store in Montville - we will handle the shipping for these purchases.

In the future we may extend our online store so that our artists and makers can offer additional products for sale that they ship directly from their base. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we’ll contact you when this facility is available. 


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If my application is not suitable, will I still hear from you? 

Even if we decide that your application is not quite right for us, we will let you know. If you don’t hear from us within a few days please check your spam folder and email us so you don’t miss out.


What if my raw products are sourced from overseas?

We recognise that sometimes artists and makers need to purchase raw materials from outside Australia, however we do require that the design and creation of the finished item is completed by you.


Can I share a space at the shop?

Unfortunately no. Everything you sell must be yours.