benefits of selling through Makersville


There are a many benefits to be gained by selling your handmade items through Makersville.  Here are a few:


Sales expertise

  • Our skilful team do all the selling for you, both in our retail store and online, meaning you can spend more time doing what you do best – creating!
  • No need to worry about running a store, braving the heat or cold at a market stall, or even popping out to the post office to send items to customers – we’ll do it all for you


Online Marketing exposure

  • We run regular promotions and marketing activity through a number of online media channels including social media platforms and through our own blog
  • We can feature your bio and links to your other websites in the Meet our Makers section of the Makersville website
  • We’ll promote you and your handmade items through our social media channels and give you great online coverage to augment your own marketing
  • We may also feature you in our newsletter and blog, giving you even more exposure to our loyal subscribers – we love any opportunity we can get to let our subscribers and customers know about our artists’ and makers’ latest collections


Offline marketing publicity

  • Our offline marketing activity is equally active – we’re always thinking about ways to promote Makersville to the world at large
  • We’re involved in local activity such as Montville Artisan Village promotion, and we engage with local tourism businesses. Down the track we may also run ads in various print publications


In-store promotion

  • We love sharing the stories about our talented artists and makers in our retail store and gallery – we currently have small bios available for review alongside our makers' spaces, so our shoppers can learn about our artists as they’re browsing


Up to date sales data

  • Regular sales reports put you in charge - you can easily monitor and measure your sales, helping you analyse and understand what’s selling and what’s not, helping you to tailor your creativity to better target your customers


No complex admin

  • No need to remember to pay for your rental space or to chase sales revenue - should you choose this option, we will reconcile monthly, and pay you directly into your bank account, simply deducting your upcoming months’ rental from your sales profits



  • Learn more about what we're looking for in our artists & makers


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