application tips

Here's a few tips to help you complete your application


Product Imagery is the key to selling your product

While we don’t need professional shots for your application, the better your photos are, the better we will be able to understand what you make and the quality of your handmade items. 

There are plenty of online tutorials showing how to take good product photos, and one little tip from us is to buy or make yourself a lightbox.  These can be bought on eBay for around $40, or there are some great YouTube videos on how to make one for next to nothing.  A lightbox is one of the best investments in your handmade business that you can make!


Don’t be shy to tell us about yourself and what you make 

We ask a few questions on our application form – don’t be afraid to answer them honestly.  The questions are there so we can get to know you, and learn as much about you and your talents as possible.

We love to learn about your design and creative processes, we’re interested to find out what makes you and your handmade items unique, and why you think they’d do well in the Makersville store.  We love to read great descriptions about your items, and if you have an interesting backstory to tell, well then we go wild!

Once you’ve joined Makersville, this information is great for posting on our blog, our social media channels. If you're interested, we can post a story about you in our Meet Our Makers section on our website. And we can also use this information about you in our in-store maker information sheets.  Online and in-store shoppers alike can easily find out more about our artists even as they’re browsing.

If you have your handmade items presented on other websites, please let us know about these too – maybe you have an Etsy store? A Facebook or Instagram page, or even a YouTube channel.  These are all great, and the more you can share with us, the better.


Visual merchandising can make or break a sale 

Do you have great packaging for your items? Do you have branded business cards? Have you thought about how they would be presented in a retail store?  Share your ideas with us, it will help us envision your products in our store.


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