application criteria


Makersville is all about Australian Handmade.  Our main requirement is an Australian link for our artists and makers, and all items must be handmade by yourself.  We recognise that sometimes artists and makers need to purchase raw materials from outside Australia, however we do require that the creation of the finished item is completed by yourself, in Australia. 

Sometimes we have too much of a particular item in our store.  To ensure that we protect our other community members, and provide a wide-ranging selection of items for our customers, we may occasionally place artists on our waiting list rather than invite them to join us immediately, even if space is available.  We appreciate you bearing with us if this occurs.


Other things we look for include:

  • Products that are unique, high quality and innovative
  • Opportunities to bringing to life real stories behind our artists and makers
  • Items that fit within our vision and our retail store concept, and that complement the work of other artists and makers that we support
  • How you would merchandise and present your items
  • Where else your items are available for sale
  • Add-on services such as personalisation and customisation



Please also note the following – your application will not be approved in these cases:

  • Unfortunately we won’t be able to approve your application if you onsell other people's handmade items
  • We respect Fairtrade, however Makersville is all about Australian handmade. As such we won’t be able to approve artists who design their work but have it made by others, especially when it’s made outside Australia


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