Currently on leave from teaching, I have, until now, never had quite enough time for the arts and crafts I have always wanted to create.

Inspiring and influencing my creating is a background of travel, around Australia, weeks amongst the wildflowers of Western Australia, walking the 230km Larapinta Trail west of Alice Springs with our daughter when she was 7 and then taking her at 10 over 2 of the highest passes in Nepal. As well as the wilderness I find the cultures of these places inspiring, from the lone traders on the trails in the Himalayas to the crowded and colourful markets of Kathmandu. South America also provides rich memories from the iridescent flash of hummingbirds in the Andean cloud forests, the cloudscapes of Patagonia and the flamingos in the frozen high altitude salt lakes with volcanoes towering above.  

I have dabbled with laser cutting various items and have recently been sketching many more ideas, developing designs and creating a range of laser cut plywood products, some of which I hand paint. I also paint beach stones, which reveal their character to me as they lie on the sand.

Whether my creations are inspired by remote exotic places or our big garden with peacocks, guinea pigs, chooks and horses at Mt Mee, I love making things. And I really appreciate it when others like them too.