144 MAIN ST MONTVILLE 07 5478 5435 10am-4pm (closed Tues, Wed)

The Shambles

Kyleigh and Michael Simpson have lived in Montville for the past 26 years and have created a special garden around their 100 year old farm house in Western Avenue named “The Shambles”.

Our books are specifically about Queensland gardening and our first hand experiences with growing sub-tropical and temperate plants that are resilient and rewarding.

Our garden has been the inspiration for many creative activities including writing books, photography, filming and art work. It has been shared with family & friends including opening to the public since 2001 as a fundraiser for various local and regional organisations.

Michael is a General Practitioner who has interests in botany, plant inventory and music. Kyleigh is a gardener, art teacher and maker of garden art . Their 3 adult children grew up in Montville and attended the local school. Now there are 4 grandchildren who like visiting “Mountain grannie’s “and playing in the garden at “The Shambles “.

If you would like to visit the garden please phone 54429542 or 0458429524 as The Shambles is open by appointment only. There is a $6.00 entry for adults and children are free.

If you have a group who would like to visit we also arrange refreshments for you to enjoy in the garden and give a talk about our garden.


Website: http://www.montvillegarden.com   Facebook:  facebook.com/montvillegarden

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