Our story began in the kitchen. Our founder, Bronwyn, was a little discontented with the amount of plastic and waste that comes out of the average kitchen. The average Australian throws away a whopping 650 kilograms of waste every year (which includes a lot of plastic) which is the second highest amount in the world, second only to the Unites States!

She wanted to create a product that would enable people to reduce their waste, minimise toxic-plastics and overall, help the environment.

Sustomi, the sustainable alternative to plastic food wrap, was born!

Essentially, Sustomi wraps completely get rid of the need for plastic food wrap.

Our beeswax food wraps keep a huge variety of food fresh, and are so easy to apply and wrap. You’ll never need to use plastic wrap again. They also make your kitchen, fridge and lunch box so much prettier, which is always a pleasing bonus!

Sustomi wraps also helps your pockets, as they save the need to buy plastic wrap.