Sixth Sense Skincare

Intuition is considered our Sixth Sense, and intuitively we seek to be in balance with Nature therefore Sixth Sense Skincare philosophy is not to use any ingredients which would not be nutritious for you and your skin.

Love yourself, turn to Nature, listen and trust to your inner wisdom.

Nature has blessed Earth and it’s creatures with a complete, diverse and perfect environment. We strongly believe in the perfection and healing power of Mother Nature that’s how Sixth Sense Skincare was created.

Born out of passion for wellbeing, love of nature and by listening and trusting to our inner wisdom, living simpler life. Therefore, all of our products are made 100% from natural, certified organic ingredients with cold pressed plant oils, pure clays, herbs and essential oils.

This means that our products are absolutely free of chemical preservatives and artificial additives. As a result, some of our products need to be stored in the fridge to ensure they retain their freshness for longer. They are nutrient rich that feed and nourish our skin.

All products are handmade with loving attention in small batches to make sure you always get a fresh and high quality product.

Our ingredients are sourced locally on the Sunshine Coast where possible; our glass packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Our philosophy is based on love to ourselves and the Nature.


  • 100% certified organic and genuine natural ingredients
  • natural ingredients like clays
  • waste reduction
  • no double packaging, no printed catalogues or brochures


  • only glass packaging
  • all jars and bottles are reusable and recyclable

Conscious consumption

  • propagation of conscious shopping
  • sourcing local ingredients where possible

Handmade idea 

  • Handcrafted
  • we love Independence
  • we love what we do and do it the best we can, that’s why we prefer to create healthy cosmetics that contain only what’s beneficial for our skin and our health.