Imagine in Colours

Imagine in colour, add 1 part pencil, 1 part watercolour, 1 part 3D hand embellishment and 1 part desire to create beautiful art and pretty products

Welcome to 'Imagine in Colours'

A love for design and illustration, the encouragement of friends and family along with the desire to create beautiful pieces is the foundation behind 'Imagine in Colours'

My background of Design comes from training as an Interior Designer in Los Angeles, followed by working predominantly in LA, New York, London and Australia. These days I tend to prefer my studio, with paintbrush or pencil in hand, overlooking the garden with the birds singing, rather than the sights and sounds of a building site.

This quote by Alice Walker best explains my philosophy- "Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul".

So with that in mind I work to create unique and imaginative Art that showcases my artistic experiments with the play between water and the dyes of watercolour, along with my love of colour and it's various tones and fine lines and subtle details.

All the butterflies are hand drawn, hand cut and individually hand painted in watercolour before assembling both the original pieces and the prints. The prints are archival quality copies of Originals, and each individual print is personally hand embellished to create the 3D addition. Every print with gems and rhinestone embellishment are also individually done by hand.

Every piece, whether it is an original or print, a notebook or greeting card, a bag or glass case is designed and handmade with love and care and personally signed making each one unique and one of a kind.