Bent Silver Jewellery


Bent Silver was created in 2008 by Leonie Appelt as an artistic outlet and a source of income away from the ‘mainstream’ of society. Cutlery creations have been in the family since Uncle Bruce started with his teapot wind chimes nearly 30 years ago at the Salamanca Markets in Tasmania, Australia.

Jhi started working with his mother in 2012 after finding he had the strength to bend some awesome patterns into fork tines and could make a spectacular bracelet with the entire fork.

Using upcycling techniques Bent Silver recreates history into beautiful jewellery. Mindfully producing high quality pieces of wearable art using antique silverware and only natural ingredients with methods used.

As our family grows so does our business and we have come together with our skills and hand make stunning pieces anyone can enjoy, smile about and tell their own stories over. 

Now as we hunt for more antique cutlery from all corners of the globe we love creating those precious memories for you with our handmade shiny and interesting goodies formed from the backs of our worldwide history.