Be Twisted

Handling metal has always been in my life from fixing my pushbike to maintenance on Cruiser engines in the French navy. In the seventies when the craze for wearing multiple pieces of jewelry swept the world, it was not a far cry for me to start fashioning jewelry. My first love is making bracelets, but I do make earrings and necklaces too.

For me a bracelet is such a complete item encasing a part of the body that is so close to the expressive hands.

I enjoy living in the Pacific with its freedom and variety plus the amazing fine weather, beautiful beaches and clear water.

I have been making variations of my bracelets for over 30 years and am today making them for the third generations of customers.

Sometimes I see a client wearing a bracelet that from years of wear is looking battered and worn and I will ask her if she would like me to reform and polish it for her and invariably the response is "Oh I never take it off, I have worn it for years and I still love it it is so easy to wear and goes with everything". I give it a reshape and a polish and the customer is happy and leaves full of admiration for her favourite piece of jewellery.

I taught my Father in Law how to make them and he carried on producing them till he was over 100 years old selling them at a local market and I am sure that the interest it gave him prolonged his life.

Every piece I make is made from scratch with no casting or jigs truly hand made.