Featured Maker: Gary Mohan-Druce - Jasminka Designs

Featured Maker: Gary Mohan-Druce - Jasminka Designs

Hi, I’m Gary from Jasminka Designs Dichroic Glass jewellery. I work from my studio at home in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I visit a warehouse in Brisbane to purchase sheets of dichroic and systems glass, that way I get to feel and see the glass first hand and to visualize creating unique one-off pieces. 


I have always worked with my hands, first as a tradesman in an air-conditioning business for over 20 years then in a pottery business progressing into glass slumping and sculpturing, having being coached by glass artist Deborah Van Toll from Michigan in the United States. When creating a piece of jewellery I go in with an open mind, my work table is a magical coloured mess with all these shiny, beautiful dichroic pieces of glass saying, “pick me, pick me”.

The question I get asked the most is “What is it and how is it made?”… Dichroic glass is made when multiple ultra-thin layers of precious elements such as gold, silver, titanium and zirconium are vaporised by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. The vapour then condenses onto the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. The finished glass can have as many as 30-50 layers of these materials yet the thickness of the total coating is only around 35 millionths of an inch. The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and by careful control of thickness and the use of various elements different colours may be obtained. Dichroic glass comes in a variety of colours and patterns, I outline a design and then cut each piece of glass, once assembled the design is kiln fired for 9 hours up to 900oC, some pieces have multiple firings… each design is unique and no two items can be replicated.


A lady whose name was Jasminka came up and asked one day why I chose the name Jasminka Designs, my reply was my partner Yvonne saw a race horse named Jasminka and loved the name. The lady nearly fell over, she was a nurse in Queensland caring for a gentleman in hospital, he was so gracious for her kind care he said he was going to name a race horse after her when he went back to New Zealand… thus the name Jasminka.


Jasminka Designs can be purchased exclusively from Makersville, 144 Main Street Montville in Queensland.


You can find Jasminka Designs Dichroic Glass jewellery at:

  • Makersville Gallery, Montville QLD
  • Noosa Marina Market at Tewantin every Sunday from 8am till 2pm



See more of Gary's stunning jewellery, available at Makersville:



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