Featured Maker: Alison and Craig - Time & Tide Art Wear

Featured Maker: Alison and Craig - Time & Tide Art Wear



Hi, We're Alison Morris and Craig Olive and we're the creative team behind Time & Tide Art Wear. We are based in Buderim, here on the Sunshine Coast, and love to create and share our unique and interesting pieces with others. 


What do you create?


Our pieces have evolved through the collaboration of both of our ideas and input.

The components used in our creations are sourced world wide and include antique silver plated cutlery, found objects and pre loved mechanical time pieces.  The beautiful, antique watch parts are delicately arranged within vintage silverware and set in a jewellery grade eco resin.  They are given a new life as pendants, rings, earrings and other pieces of wearable art.

We also craft leather, wood, copper, ceramics and gems into a variety of pieces.



What inspired you or influenced you to get started in your line of business?


Both of us love being creative.  

Craig has always worked with his hands and has a background in carpentry, furniture and antique restoration and has done leatherwork since his teens. 

Alison has always loved craft and it has been exciting journey creating projects together – it has been full of challenges and surprises but always satisfying to do what we love.



Is this a full time gig for you?


Alison has a part time job, (which we call her hobby job) and also works tirelessly on our many ’Time & Tide’ creations.

Craig works full time as a maker, in between playing guitar, photography and managing the business side of the venture.



What is the best thing about having your own creative business?


The best thing about having our own creative business is having the freedom to make and create what inspires us. We love to travel to events, festivals and markets and enjoy meeting a wide range of people and see them enjoy what we make. 

We both love history and that has led us along the path of an interesting genre called ‘Steampunk’, described as the meeting of the Victorian age, the Industrial age and science fiction. We are both inspired and fascinated by this playful, inventive and stylish genre. Working with mechanical watch and clock parts, old silverware, antique hardware, keys and quirky bits and bobs, often over 100 years old, adds a sense of nostalgia and fun to what we do.  (and an excuse to dress up!)

Our work reflects elements of this genre although we tend to be more mainstream, attracting those looking for something ‘different’.  We get many people telling us how much they love what we do, and that’s very rewarding!

We also love to do commission work – creating something special from family treasures that often lay forgotten in the bottom draw.




Tell us about your creative process


Our creative process is collaboration.  Craig prepares the metal components in his workshop (under the house) where he cuts, bends, grinds and plays with fire!

Alison has her studio (in the spare bedroom!) where she arranges the tiny watch parts under magnification with fine forceps and works her magic with the resin.  We are always bouncing new ideas off each other and experimenting with new techniques.



What are the next big plans for your brand?


We plan to travel more and explore markets in other states.  We have recently returned from New Zealand’s South Island where we secured an outlet in Oamaru ‘The Steampunk Capital of The World' (World Famous In New Zealand!)




Where else can we find you?


Right now we are happy to be in Makersville in the beautiful Montville on the  Sunshine Coast

You can also find us online at:


We can also be found most weekends at one of the handmade markets around the Sunshine Coast and/or Brisbane


See more of Alison & Craig's unique steampunk jewellery collection, available at Makersville:





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